Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year, same bullshit.

I can't stay home this long without going crazy. Hah. That was a joke, I already am crazy.

I really appreciate the comments you guys leave me. They help me feel like maybe I'm not alone even though my head tells me I am completely and utterly alone. 

I'm planning a binge of epic proportions for today. Today is my last day of being ugly and allowing myself to be ugly without trying to improve on this lump of lard. Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done, and the next day my hair, so maybe if I imagine real hard, I'll be able to see what I'll look like when I'm actually pretty.

On New Year's Eve, my camp friends and I had a party.
The guy I've hooked up with, the one with the girlfriend, brought his girlfriend. And even with her there, I could tell that if she wasn't there he'd be trying and not just looking at me and getting really close to me.
Also, I outdrank everyone, which is something a really fat person can do.

So I'm going to go binge now. Probably won't purge because I have a canker sore and it hurts.

Isn't that funny how that works? I'm less inclined to purge when I have a canker sore because it stings a little, but when my heart starts acting funny nothing changes and I continue to purge like nothing is wrong.

Love you all.


  1. LOL! Even when I was little I already had the idea that everyone's a little bit crazy ;) Definitely makes me feel better now that I'm a little more than a little crazy! I hope your party was fun regardless. Happy New Year! May 2013 be that year. here's to being tiny! <3

  2. That is what I have totally been saying. New year same bullshit. I mean it is how I feel. I still work for a shitty company make shitty pay still not thin enough. I have nothing to look forward to this year except seeing my family in july.

    Getting my nails done or my hair done always make me feel pretty. I hope it does the same for you :-)


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