Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today didn't quite go as planned.
Purged my food twice. Ate a Clif bar. Meh.

1 grilled cheese (purged)
1 cup of french fries with ketchup (purged)
1 bowl of Trix (purged)
1 bowl of ice cream (purged)
1 bag of Fritos (purged)
1 bag of Reese's Pieces (purged)
1 granola bar (purged)
1 Pay Day (purged)
1 Clif bar (240 calories)

@Heather: I've missed you too! So muchh <3

Going to try for a full day fast tomorrow and hopefully Friday. If I make it, I'll let myself maybe go out and have a drink or five.
I'm too broke for weed right now.. Just biding my time until it turns May and I get money from the parents.

I was going to try to find some thinspo, but then I was like, "Eh. Fuck it."
I'll find some if you guys want me to, though. Let me know.

Love and kisses. <3

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  1. this isn't judmental, as i have really been there. But just as advice, even though you've probably heard it before: purging recks your insides because of the stomach acid that comes up with the food. I'm in the exact same boat as you right now, reading some of your posts, we seem to have a lot of similar shit but its impossible to maintain a diet of eating nothing because eventually you will binge (fact) and then you will increase in size in a big way. By eating healthy, consistantly you are doing your body a much bigger favour especially with the demanding energetic lifestyle of a ballet dancer. No fat or unnatural sugar and no refined flour ( white bread) --> eat raw veg, fruit ( which is yum anyway) and fat free soup as well as healthy oats, like porridge. You will burn the rest with exercise anyway. Please try it, because eathing nothing won't last and it's really, really bad for you, Eating healthy is something you can keep up, will last and will show very satisfying and rewarding effects on your body not just in size , but quality of hair, skin ect... Good Luck, i hope we both of us get there in the end...


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